It’s right or wrong, not right or left.

The United Kingdom is a strong, powerful, and efficient country and needs to be run by a government who can maintain this. In my eyes, and in the eyes of the majority of the country, the Conservative Party are the ones to do this. And if you’re one of the minority who don’t support Conservatism for whatever reason, or part of the population who play a huge part in voter apathy, here’s an article to explain right and wrong.

What’s the biggest issue with the country today? Well of course it’s the economy. Former party leader Ed Miliband ranted on about the NHS, Scotland’s referendum, and education in a party conference in Manchester, but forgot to restore confidence to middle class workers in how he would try to deal with the deficit. The former shadow chancellor Ed Balls says they covered it in an earlier speech by telling the country they would put a 1% cap on child benefits, which would reduce the £75 billion deficit by £400 million. Wow, if I correctly work that out (with a calculator), that’s 187,500 years to cut the deficit. And with the amount of ‘the world’s going to end tomorrow’ hysteria, the world probably will have ended by then.


Let’s discuss Nick Pleb and the Liberal Demoprats, uh I mean Nick Clegg and the Liberal Democrats. I know he’s not the current leader, but that’s because his last election was catastrophic, even more than the ill-advised coalition in 2010. I must admit the power went to his head when he became deputy Prime Minister to a dominant Tory Prime Minister. Clegg vowed to not raise tuition fees before the 2010 General Election, and he will never live it down that he did the complete opposite and tripled them. Who wants a flip-flop for a leader?


Now to re-wind to 1980’s and Thatcher the Milk Snatcher. Talk about living in the past. I know taking milk from small children isn’t very nice, but let’s remember all the good things the ‘Iron Lady’ did for the country. Argentina tried to take what wasn’t theirs, and without asking that’s wrong. Thatcher fought back and immediately sent in the British Military. This led to not a war, but both countries admitting the Islands was a war zone. Of course Britain won. 84% of the British electorate approved the way the crisis was handled. Britain contributes money to the EU annually, and receives back from the EU sometimes not even half. In 1984, Thatcher took a tough stance and negotiated a rebate on the terms that most of the spending go on agricultural subsidies. We needed more leaders with such a passion for the country to carry on Thatcher’s reign, even if it was a Labour or Liberal Democrat Prime Minister. Tony Blair, step forward.

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Finally a Prime Minister under Labour who actually recognised socialism hadn’t worked for past Prime Ministers and introduced the country to a New Labour. He opened the eyes of Labour supporters and withdrew the parties’ ideologies from nationalisation and embraced market economics. Blair came into power in 1997 and everything was flourishing for Blair, dishing out referendums to Scotland and Wales and continuing peace negotiations with Northern Ireland. But the only way from the top was to go down, and go down he did. In 2001 he decided to give America a hand (or a few hundred thousand) in the invasion of Iraq. This went down well. Not. He caused a protest in 2003 with over one million demonstrating.

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Next, there’s the famous Bottler Brown. Otherwise known to the general public as Gordon Brown. He was given this nickname in 2007 when he ‘bottled’ (pardon the pun) holding a general election, because he feared being a predecessor. When you become a politician, you should expect nothing more than scrutiny from the public. Brown couldn’t handle this, so when he was challenged to some questions from a voter, the Prime Minister called her a ‘bigoted woman’. How professional Gordon? Being a Prime Minister is potentially one of the most important jobs in the world, and you wouldn’t forget that you run one of the greatest countries. Unless you’re Gordon Brown. A Prime Minister, like a President, requires perseverance, concentration, and giving your all.

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I’ve focused so far on the larger parties, but Labour are not the only popular left wingers in the country, so here’s a little bit about the Green Party. 2015 was the year the Green Party as a whole soared through the polls in the General Election. BUT, Natalie Bennett has not exactly managed well under pressure in the public eye, since becoming party leader. The party bang on about how the percentage of homeless people has grown since 2010 with the Tories in power; yet Bennet can’t even answer a question on her own housing policy. Let’s not forget when she mentioned replacing the British Army with a home defence force of volunteers. Volunteers. This would mean over 100,000 soldiers being out of paid jobs. Now, this is great because the soldiers would be unpaid and we could fund other areas such as education right?! Wrong. We have a TRAINED British Army for a reason.

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There’s a reason as to why we have a Conservative government for a second term, and a reason as to why the Labour Party and other left wing parties have failed. They bring nothing new, they just want to continue their valued traditions. But as I have already mentioned, the Labour Party leaders just can’t seem to let go of the past.  If you still can’t see why a Conservative running country is more suitable here’s a few reasons to consider: On average, Conservative council costs less thanks to the economy improving and the deficit reducing. Council tax is actually frozen by the party, unlike Labour and the Democrats who can’t seem to keep to a word they say. Labour CAN’T give you a choice, but the Tories WILL give you a choice on EU membership. Tory European Members of Parliament walk the walk, unlike Labour’s EMP’s who talk the talk but don’t bother turning up to elections. None of us can afford anymore of Labour’s meddling, none of us can afford Labour’s waste, and none of us can certainly not afford any of Labour’s mismanagement. So the ‘right’ way is the right way, after all.