Question and Answer with local MP Flick Drummond

Portsmouth South Conservative MP Flick Drummond has a long term plan for: jobs and investment, improving school standards, university places and apprenticeships, small businesses and cleaner streets for safer cycling. You can find out more about the Portsmouth South MP here on her official website: . She has been in Parliament since May 2015. Ms Drummond took her time to answer questions circulating Brexit, Trump and local politics.

  1. Last year, 2016, was the year of the EU Referendum in which we voted leave. You were against Brexit, but did not vote against triggering article 50 in February. Why was this?     “I voted to trigger Article 50 because Portsmouth South voted to leave the EU and I had to respect that decision having voted to have a referendum.”
  2. Another controversial event of 2016 was Donald Trump winning the Presidential Election for the United States. Do you believe Trump will be the perfect candidate?                            “I was disappointed that Donald Trump was elected as I was looking forward to seeing a female President. It is still too early to see whether he will be a good president but I don’t agree with much that he has said so far.”
  3. Moving on to local politics, Portsmouth was listed the sixth-worst performers in the whole country regarding education. Recently, Charter Academy have just won a national award. What will you do to maintain the excellence in the schools across Portsmouth South?                                                                                                                                                       “I am working with our schools in Portsmouth and they are improving fast. The figure that you refer to is judgement on the Local Education Authority rather than individual schools. St Edmunds is also an outstanding school.”
  4. Tour De France used to go through Portsmouth. I understand that you set up Pompey Litter Pickers. Has Pompey Litter Pickers improved the the streets for safer cycling?

    “The Tour de France went through Portsmouth once. Pompey Litter Pickers meets once a month to clean up our streets and we need more people as there is a lot of litter to pick up. Most of it is on the pavement and cyclists are not supposed to be cycling on most pavements although I know that they do!”

  5. At my age of 19, there are few interested in politics. What will you do to try and get young people more involved/to get active in politics?                                                                   I try to give work experience to young people and I am going into schools to tell them about Parliament and how it works. I also have frequent visits to Westminster by schools and families so they are learning the importance of voting. I hope it will encourage more people to get involved.


Image result for flick drummond Flick Drummond. Source:


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