5 Reasons why Donald Trump will work for America.

  1. The wall. THAT WALL.

Trump has non stopped banged on about this amazing invention of a wall to prevent Mexicans from invading America. The President’s plan was to have the ‘fence-hoppers’ pay for the wall, but silly Trump, he forgot to say that the American tax-payer will pay. Silly Trump also forgot that 40% of Mexicans fly over to America. But of course the billionaire will be building a wall big enough to stop planes from Mexico coming in.  Right…? This wall is probably the most important thing in politics at the minute and will only cost $15 billion. Health care, education, the economy and gun laws don’t really need reform at the minute.

trump wall

source: giphy

2.  His respect for women.

I have never met a man like this one. The way he compliments women. Such a gentleman, I mean other than insulting a breastfeeding mother, supreme court judge Ruth Ginsburg, women seeking abortion, victims of sexual harassment, he has respect. He even admitted that he would consider dating his daughter – obviously if Ivanka wasn’t his daughter. But that makes it ok. It was only a compliment.

giphy1                                                       source: giphy

3. The business mogul’s business successes

Donald J Trump has not shut up about his success in business. Trump Hotels put Trump up by almost $800 million in 1996, even though he stated he lost nearly $1 billion. Maybe he forgot about that cheque. Anyhow, a successful business man may be what America needs because ‘if you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you always got’. But is Trump the successful business man he tells us he is? Err no.

Trump Hotels

 source: giphy

4. No limit on gun control!!!

Thank god. I genuinely thought that guns were going to be banned for one minute. There have been well over 25 shootings, over 50 deaths, yet we must keep gun laws to protect ourselves. But from what? Muslims? The 20,000 Muslims who are physicians in the United States? The Muslim charity groups in the US who are too numerous to catalog? C’mon Trump. Pull your head out.

Trump gun

source: giphy

5. You are not allowed to be poor and ill

It’s a good job American’s are all rich and in good health. Not. Not all American’s are rich, and not all American’s have good health. This is why Obama introduced the Affordable Health Care Act. The number of citizens without insurance is at an all time low of 8.6% (Jan 2017). But of course Trump blasted it a “total disaster!” So far he has failed to offer an alternative, putting 22 millions of American’s in danger.


source: giphy


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