Sportos 2016

What is Sportos you ask? Well, Sportos is a charity dance off in which the societies at the University of Portsmouth participate in. This event happened this year on a Purple Wednesday – Portsmouth’s biggest student night out, and at Popworld, probably the most popular venue on a Wednesday. The charity this year was St Peters Hospice Bristol which ‘offers palliative care and counselling to support families after the passing of their loved ones’.


UPWFC (Univeristy of Portsmouth Women’s Football Club) are committed to events when charity is involved and took this event – in which we found very competitive – seriously. We rehearsed twice a week, which took a lot of effort arranged due to academic commitments and commitments outside of university. This happened on a Thursday and a Sunday evening. We even found ourselves rehearsing before training on a Monday and after 7am fitness on a Friday. It was pretty clear that some of us had never danced before, but pretty clear that some of us were born to throw some shapes. I personally have only ever danced when inebriated – drunk.


During first rehearsals the nerves ran through our bodies about not being good enough, but with practice came confidence, and with confidence came sass. Just like we do with our football, we gave rehearsals 110%. As the weeks passed and we rehearsed more and more, our confidence and happiness was taking over nerves and sickness. We made progress with timing, sharpness and smiling when performing. When our choreographer was showing us our new moves, we knew our chances of winning were possible. Nothing beats a bunch of women being sassy and sexy on stage.Well…


Here comes Wednesday 7th December AKA Sportos 2016. The squad all stood outside the venue discussing the fact that ‘there is an actual raised stage and lights!!!’, reminding one another of little moves that needed to be sharp and on a certain beat. A few of us, including myself, needed a little ‘Dutch Courage’ – strength and confidence gained from drinking alcohol. After watching the likes of rowing who performed Grease, cricket, gym and tramp, ‘UPWFC are up next’. In other words, Weapons Of Sass Destruction were about to give their best performance of a lifetime.


We hear the girls from the team who came to support us – some of which went to the library after and did a little over night session – shouting, chanting and screaming UPWFC. Silence. The music starts and we perform for quite a crowd. For the first time ever, we were all in time, and gave as much sass as possible. Our reaction, the judges, and spectators was a reaction we couldn’t believe. I’d never heard UPWFC so loud before! Unfortunately, we believe we were robbed of that number one position. The Vice President of Sport openly admitted that we were the real winners, and the crowds reaction to us only getting third was blatant about who should have won that keg of snakebite. But of course it is about the charity, so a huge well done to Basketball, and well done to the other societies for participation and raising big funds for the chosen charity.


I saw this as a time to gel with people on the team that I never really knew, and now I couldn’t have done it with a better bunch of girls. This is a dance I will never forget, and I will show my kids, and they will show their kids, and so on. Next up, the after party in The Fleet and Popworld. Sportos 2017 – HERE WE COME. 2017 is UPWFC’s year.





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